Benjamin Green

Benjamin Green has been writing poetry, short stories, essays and screenplays ever since his fictional narrative, “The Elf in My Lunchbox” garnered adulation among his fourth grade peers. In an effort to reclaim the titillating, postcoital release of oxytocin that envelopes a writer when typing, “FADE OUT” or “THE END,” Benjamin locked himself in a room for so long he was one hue from translucent when he emerged with a completed feature-length screenplay in hand, which went on to place in the top 10% of the 2010 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting competition. Benjamin’s spec Portlandia episode made it to the quarterfinal round of the 2o13 Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition, and he worked as a background actor on IFC’s Portlandia Season 4. You can see Benjamin’s acting work in episodes 1 – 7.

To hone his skills (and develop thicker skin), Benjamin became a member of the elite international screenwriting workshop founded by Max Adams, known as 5150. He also earned his Certificate of Completion through The Academy of Film Writing, has taken screenwriting courses through UCLA led by Ernie Contreras, and participated in a number of creative writing workshops led by Brian Benson through the Attic Institute For Writers in SE Portland.

In addition to writing, Benjamin has perfectly parted hair, plays guitar, flails around in a gi at an Aikido dojo weekly, suffers from misophonia (and various offshoots of obsessive-compulsive disorders), and abhors turning left. He is also an Enterprise IT Professional, which he is not sure should be capitalized. And no, he will not fix your computer.

Photo by Kitty Bell Sibille