Our Last Night Together

Tonight will be my last night with you. I have been saying that I am ready for it. Ready to go back. Now that it’s here, this last night together with you, I can feel my heart sinking. I took the long days with you for granted. It felt like they would never end.

And now, I am sad in the same way I was torn when I left my hometown to move west.

My point is: I am going to miss you, Portland. From the Skidmore Fountain to Hollywood and 42nd, from Belmont to Hawthorne and across the Morrison Bridge to Southwest on a Tri-Met bus, I will miss you. From your characters, hospitality and the mouthwatering entrees sizzling in front of me prepared by the culinary magicians of your fine establishments ranging from Bernie’s Southern Bistro on Alberta to the toasted peanut butter and jelly stand on 23rd, I will miss you. I will miss having access to so many pages of books and cups of Peruvian and Columbian roasted coffee poured by hands of aficionados. Most of all, I will miss my alcove hideaway under a canopy of shady treetops just around the block on the corner of Hoyt and 17th tucked away in the ever-developing hive of boutiques and timeless Victorians in the neighborhood that is Northwest.

I will miss being part of this vibrant city, but I look forward to our next adventure together. Thanks for the memories.

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